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Un Viaje a Guatemala

So after having our first flight canceled due to snow in Atlanta of all places, I thought we were going to be good to go on Sunday. I was over at one of my fellow immersees apartment waiting for our 6am flight when another of our group called at 1am to let us know our flight had been delayed yet again and that we were going to miss our connecting flight. Apparently they hadn’t heard of road salt or something in Atlanta so the runways refroze overnight. Fueled by brilliant 1am logic we decided to cancel our flights and switch to a flight that went from DC to Chicago to Houston and then finally on to Guatemala. I never thought I would buy an international ticket 4 hours before the flight left and yet it is amazing how a week of snowapocalypse makes one desperate to escape the cold. Miraculously it worked and managed to be cheaper for me than our original flight. So after all the flight craziness we finally made it to Antigua. Continue reading ‘Un Viaje a Guatemala’

Getting kicked out of the nest

I fully intended to come back from Antigua and blog all about the fantastic immersion experience. I also intended to come back and ask for more time in Spanish since I felt like I was behind having lost a week to snow and since I hadn’t had an evaluation since December. In theory my last day in Spanish is March 19th and while nothing is certain until you pass the test it is starting to look like I am actually going to finish on that date. Continue reading ‘Getting kicked out of the nest’