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Un Viaje a Guatemala

So after having our first flight canceled due to snow in Atlanta of all places, I thought we were going to be good to go on Sunday. I was over at one of my fellow immersees apartment waiting for our 6am flight when another of our group called at 1am to let us know our flight had been delayed yet again and that we were going to miss our connecting flight. Apparently they hadn’t heard of road salt or something in Atlanta so the runways refroze overnight. Fueled by brilliant 1am logic we decided to cancel our flights and switch to a flight that went from DC to Chicago to Houston and then finally on to Guatemala. I never thought I would buy an international ticket 4 hours before the flight left and yet it is amazing how a week of snowapocalypse makes one desperate to escape the cold. Miraculously it worked and managed to be cheaper for me than our original flight. So after all the flight craziness we finally made it to Antigua. Continue reading ‘Un Viaje a Guatemala’

I survived Snowmageddon and Snowmageddon 2.0

Because clearly one blizzard wasn’t enough….

My roommate's cat contemplates the extreme amount of snow piled up outside our door.

Final Snowpocalypse stats:

Inches of snow: 34.5
Total hours without power: 15.5
Total number of shoveling expeditions: 8
Number of cars pushed out of snow drifts: 3
Snow days: 4.5
Number of power outages: 3
Canceled Flights to Warmer Locales: 1

Big sigh on that last Snowmageddon stat. My flight to Guatemala for tomorrow morning was canceled not because of the snow in DC, but because of snow in Atlanta. I was highly amused when a newspaper article  describing the situation in Atlanta said that their total snow fall “is not big by Mid-Atlantic standards.” Apparently we now have street cred in the snow world after years of being mocked by the Minnesotas and Michigans of the world. Right now I’m re-booked on a Sunday flight so hopefully this one won’t fall victim to the snow gods who are clearly unhappy with us as of late. Continue reading ‘I survived Snowmageddon and Snowmageddon 2.0’

Still trudging along

I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the earth. The last few weeks have been really busy. Spanish has hit that point where I no longer feel my progress is making leaps and bounds. It is the point where I have learned most of the tenses and the basics of the grammar. Now I’m trying get the details under control. Just because I understand the difference between the preterite and imperfect and which words are masculine and which are feminine, doesn’t mean I can use them correctly! There seems to be a lot of me stopping mid-sentence, backing up and correcting myself. Which is necessary but frustrating. It was much more satisfying before when we’d be studying a new tense and then we’d suddenly have a whole new way to express ideas and thoughts. I also have my second test coming up which I am not to thrilled about.

In brighter and happier Spanish thoughts, in about 10 days I am going with a fabulous group of fellow Spanish sufferers to Guatemala for a 2 week immersion. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and inflicting my Spanish upon the world and to getting to someplace warmer! I also got my presidential commission, which is certificate autopenned by the president and the secretary. It’s kind of neat but the truth is it will probably wind up in a drawer with my degree and all the other bits of paper which serve to validate my existence. 😉

In theory in a little over 3 months I’ll be off to Juarez, it is amazing how quickly time goes when you’re in full-time language training.

El día mágico

There comes a time in the life of every Spanish learner when after weeks, months, or in some cases years of blithely sailing along on relatively tranquil seas of indicative verbs that they first hear the word that will soon crush all their delusions of speaking Spanish with some semblance of fluency. This word, the word that strikes such fear into the hearts of Spanish students, is of course “subjuntivo.” In every Spanish course I have ever taken after many moons of struggling to properly use the preterite and imperfect tenses and to tame the legions of wild irregular verbs in the preterite and present tense, someone comes along and informs me that I have speaking the language entirely wrong for months. That nearly every time I tried to express an opinion or say something was possible, speculate about the future, ect I had been massacring the language because I had never learned the subjunctive. Inevitably in my previous Spanish classes the subjunctive was covered just days before the final exam and I never truly understood it beyond the fact that there was this whole other world out there that I wasn’t able to express. Continue reading ‘El día mágico’