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Getting lost

One of the unfortunate realities of moving to a new place is that you spend a fair amount of time in your first few weeks getting lost. Juarez is kind of dusty and flat and there aren’t a huge number of things in the part of town that make good land marks so I’ve been using billboards and signs. Tragically, there is going to be an election in about 2 weeks so the signs keep changing! I almost missed my house again today because between this morning and afternoon someone went out and stuck up a bunch of signs for a candidate and thanks to all signs I couldn’t see the entrance to my complex until I was pretty much on top of it. I suppose on the bright side I’ve seen a much larger swath of Juarez than I intended thanks to all getting lost, but Dear Juarez, it’d really appreciate it if we could have a little stability when it comes to advertisements.  Every time an ad gets changed, that’s another 10 minutes on to my commute time while I try to readjust and figure out where the heck I am.

I don’t think there are words to properly express how disgusted and saddened I am by shootings in Juarez. My thoughts are with the families of those died and and the rest of the Juarez consulate community.

I survived Snowmageddon and Snowmageddon 2.0

Because clearly one blizzard wasn’t enough….

My roommate's cat contemplates the extreme amount of snow piled up outside our door.

Final Snowpocalypse stats:

Inches of snow: 34.5
Total hours without power: 15.5
Total number of shoveling expeditions: 8
Number of cars pushed out of snow drifts: 3
Snow days: 4.5
Number of power outages: 3
Canceled Flights to Warmer Locales: 1

Big sigh on that last Snowmageddon stat. My flight to Guatemala for tomorrow morning was canceled not because of the snow in DC, but because of snow in Atlanta. I was highly amused when a newspaper article  describing the situation in Atlanta said that their total snow fall “is not big by Mid-Atlantic standards.” Apparently we now have street cred in the snow world after years of being mocked by the Minnesotas and Michigans of the world. Right now I’m re-booked on a Sunday flight so hopefully this one won’t fall victim to the snow gods who are clearly unhappy with us as of late. Continue reading ‘I survived Snowmageddon and Snowmageddon 2.0’


In the event that anyone hasn’t seen this yet, the Red Cross has set up a text number for donations. To donate $10 to the Haitian relief effort just text “Haiti” to 90999.

Call of Juarez

It’s true that other posts might have awesome beaches, beautiful scenery or amazing museums but I bet those cities don’t have their very own cheesy game inspired by old Spaghetti Westerns!  This gem managed to work its way into my Christmas stocking… I’m not quite sure how my sister managed to find this bit of hysteria but I am highly amused.

I hear there is even a sequel…