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Somehow when I wasn’t looking the last 2 years flew by. Tomorrow is my last day in Consulate Juarez. This time tomorrow we will officially be on home leave. I’m going to miss my amazing co-workers and the friends that I’ve made in the last 2 years, but one of the best parts about the Foreign Service is that it is a small Foreign Service. I know I’ll see most of them again in the next few years. In fact, I’ll see a number of my co-workers back at FSI in a few months. I’m looking forward to being back in DC and excited about learning French and Arabic (I get a few months of French and then 8 months of Arabic) but first there is home leave!

Before I met Shaun I started planning home leave. For some reason I’ve always wanted to get to Monument Valley. And I figured if I was going there I should go to the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde. Then when I met Shaun and told him about my plans for home leave,  he went from saying “cool, that sounds like a neat trip” to “oh and we should stop here and here and here….” That was how I first had an inkling that he was thinking about coming with me. After nearly 2 years of talking about the Epic road trip it has grown to cover a pretty good swath of the US. We’ve added a bunch of Archaeological sites to our itinerary and ended up with quite the trip. If I’m not totally brain dead from all the driving I’ll try to chronicle a bit of it. It will be a nice tour of the US before we depart for Morocco next year.
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But first one last day in Juarez and one last trip across the border.

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  • Looks like a fun trip! Enjoy Mesa Verde. We went there on our way to home leave last summer and really had a great time. Good luck in your next assignment!

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