How to draft yourself a Scuba buddy

I felt like since I got a beautiful ring, Shaun deserved some sort of engagement gift. What I settled on may turn out to be a bit of a “from: me, to: me”, kind of gift. I went with scuba certification for Shaun. I got certified in El Paso back when I first arrived at post and have been diving in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun since then. Both were amazing but I didn’t have a dive buddy which has been kind of lonely. I’ve meet some interesting people that way, since you always get paired up someone on the boat but I thought it would be more fun to have someone to dive with. The solution seemed totally obvious to me, I’d just draft my asthmatic fiance! Fortunately he is a very mild asthmatic. So, after doctors clearances and getting him outfitted with equipment and everything else he is now half way to being certified. When I did it we had our pool sessions split over two weeks. They decided to cram all 5 pool dives into one insanely long day. Shaun pretty much rolled in the door and fell asleep. On the bright side he seems to be enjoying it or at least is being a good sport about it. I’ll take it as a good sign that he’s added a few Scuba stops on home leave trip. We’re now going to be detouring to dive at some wreck sites. The grand plan is to take advantage of the fact that Spain is a short cheap flight from Morocco and the Canary Islands are a short cheap flight from Spain. Grand Canary here we come!

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