And we’re back…

So time flies, when you get insanely busy! I have a little over three months left at post. It’s kind of hard to believe the last two years have gone so quickly. Let’s see in the last few months, I’ve done a lot of traveling including a weekend in Napa/San Francisco, 89 hours in Seoul, South Korea, skiing in Lake Tahoe, a trip to Detroit to see the Red Wings play at Joe Louis, and a weekend in Ruidoso, NM. Considering Ruidoso is close I can’t believe I haven’t gotten there until now. We’ve got a lot planned in the next few months including another trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, a trip to Big Bend and then an epic road trip at home leave as we slowly make our way to upstate New York via the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, San Antonio, New Orleans, Kentucky, Michigan… ect.

Hopefully I’ll be a little bit better about blogging it all. It’s been a busy few months at work and personally. I got engaged a few weeks ago! Apparently the whole foreign service life didn’t scare Shaun off at all and he decided to sign up for the long term. So just in case things weren’t busy enough with the moving to DC and then to Morocco, we thought it would be fun to add into the mix the stress of planning a wedding. I think my father is more jazzed about that then I am. He ran out a couple of weeks after and signed a contract with a venue. He also got it into his head that we’re having an Alpine themed wedding. I’m not sure what that is exactly but I’m afraid it involves lederhosen… I’m entirely terrified and hopefully we can fend off the lederhosen before this gets too out of hand. I apologize in advance if this blog gets a little eaten up by wedding planning.

On the Morocco front, we’ve spent the last few months reading pretty much everything we can get our hands on about Morocco. I can’t believe what an amazing post we’ve got for the second tour. It is going to be hard to wait the little over a year plus to finally get there. We started taking French classes in El Paso to start getting familiar with the language. My job is Arabic designated so I’ll be getting a full course of Arabic and because of scheduling issues I’m getting two months of French as well, which is fantastic but we figured since that wasn’t much time, a head start never hurts.

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  • Can’t wait to see the wedding photos in lederhosen and with the band playing those big long Riccola horns! Or you could dress up like a nun ala Sound of Music!

  • Trust me, if there are lederhosen there will be no photographic evidence of this wedding…. We miss you in Juarez! Hope you are having an awesome second tour!

  • If you have any questions about living there or stuff in general about Morocco, feel free to email me – I lived there part-time from 2006, and I go back frequently for research and to visit family. You’ll love it!

  • Thanks! I checked out your blog, I’m even more excited to go live in Morocco if that’s possible! 😉

  • Congratulations on your engagement and your awesome 2nd post!

  • Thanks! Looks like you’re have a great tour in Santo Domingo. I’m a little jealous of all the beach photos! 😉

  • Hey!

    I can’t remember if I already admitted my blog stalking or not, but I actually think you are my husband’s replacement in Casa! Small blogging world 🙂 You are smart to take French. The Arabic will help you with your job, but you’ll use French all over the city. Bon Courage!

    If you have any questions about Casa before you ship out I’d be happy to answer anything. We really like it here and have already started missing it.

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