Home Sweet Juarez

It’s good to be home after living out of a suitcase for three weeks. To celebrate the end of the week a group of us went out to deep fried Sushi on Friday night, nothing says welcome home like clogging your arteries with deep-fried fish. It was also great to spend time with Juarez buddies, after 3 weeks of being in Guadalajara. Not that the people there weren’t fantastic, but I missed my fellow Juarezidents. Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting the Sushi place staff know where we work. I asked for a factura at the end (receipt to get the tax back) and you have to present your factura card to get it, the card says where we work. Personally I though the jig was already up, I couldn’t imagine any other reason for a group of Americans to be in Juarez other than working at the consulate. Apparently though, they used to think we worked for a maquiladora. Opps, hopefully we won’t start getting a slew of visa questions every time we go in for sushi now. I already get them when I get the red light at the bridge. Sigh, the joys of consular work. Speaking of which, my return to Juarez was also celebrated with my exile from NIV. I got kicked out of the nest and sent over to the immigrant visa unit this morning. Just when I finally figured out what was going on with NIV. Oh well, despite being exiled it is good to be home!

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  • hey, you finally updated your photo at the top! I was thinking you had a ShamePost to go with your ShameCat 😉

  • I didn’t have a monitor to hook-up to the computer with photoshop for the longest time. No shamepost! Juarez pride ya know! 😉 One of my co-workers has a shame kitty now too. They are multiplying!

  • Hi Lisa! My name is Rachel. I’m currently in A-100 (at least for the next 24 hours, tomorrow is our last day) just having been posted to Ciudad Juarez. I won’t be coming until later next year since I have no Spanish (yet!). Anyway, a friend of yours (Melissa) posted on my blog that I should get in contact with you. I thought it was a good idea.
    Anyway, I would love to hear from you!

  • Welcome to team Juarez! I’ll shoot you an e-mail. Glad to see another-future Juarezident out there who is a blogger. We need more Juarez love on the blogosphere!

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