Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Tucson and Idiocy Translates

So I’ve been bad about updating since I got back from Guadalajara. Truth is, nothing terribly interesting has happened. I’ve mostly

A really big cactus in Tucson

been trying to weed my way through learning how to adjudicate immigrant visas, and taking on some additional responsibilities at work. I spent Columbus Day weekend with the fabulous 148th ladies of Juarez and Guatemala City in Tucson. Cross another state off the big list of states to get to! Tucson was a good break though. We mostly hung out at the resort, lounged by the pool, and drank copious quantities of margaritas. Until recently, I tragically hadn’t had a good margarita in the El Paso/Juarez area. The really sad part is that the margaritas in Juarez are just not that good. The best one is at the airport, so you have to be getting out to get the good stuff. I prefer my margaritas a bit tart… Mexico seems to like them doused in sugar. However, the resort in Tucson was able to put out a very good margarita. The other highlight of the Tucson trip was the sunset trail ride I did with one of my friends. I now feel like I have been to the old west, since I have ridden off into the sunset on a horse. My horse, though, was not the most well-behaved and liked to stop every 5 feet to munch on cacti. Who knew they were so tasty?

I have also discovered that I seem to have a knack for making a royal idiot out of myself with the guards. The first time I met the roving patrols was when my garage was flooding last July and they came over to verify, yep, it was flooded. Of course, I was in my pajamas and looking like a royal mess. Since then they have periodically knocked on my door to inform me I’ve done something insanely dumb like leave the front gate open (that one has been a few times unfortunately), or like my latest endeavor, leave the garage door wide open. Of course every time they do this I have added insult to injury. During the front gate incident they rang the bell right after I had dumped ketchup on myself (yes, I’m a professional klutz).  Most everyone else never even knows they are there, me… well when they see me around the consulate they don’t even try to hide the chuckle anymore. At least I add a little entertainment to their lives.

Anyway, next up my sister is the first and probably only member of my family to work up the courage to come and visit me in Juarez! We’re going to be in Oaxaca for most of her visit but I’m excited. Finally we shall be off to the land of the tasty grasshoppers!

Home Sweet Juarez

It’s good to be home after living out of a suitcase for three weeks. To celebrate the end of the week a group of us went out to deep fried Sushi on Friday night, nothing says welcome home like clogging your arteries with deep-fried fish. It was also great to spend time with Juarez buddies, after 3 weeks of being in Guadalajara. Not that the people there weren’t fantastic, but I missed my fellow Juarezidents. Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting the Sushi place staff know where we work. I asked for a factura at the end (receipt to get the tax back) and you have to present your factura card to get it, the card says where we work. Personally I though the jig was already up, I couldn’t imagine any other reason for a group of Americans to be in Juarez other than working at the consulate. Apparently though, they used to think we worked for a maquiladora. Opps, hopefully we won’t start getting a slew of visa questions every time we go in for sushi now. I already get them when I get the red light at the bridge. Sigh, the joys of consular work. Speaking of which, my return to Juarez was also celebrated with my exile from NIV. I got kicked out of the nest and sent over to the immigrant visa unit this morning. Just when I finally figured out what was going on with NIV. Oh well, despite being exiled it is good to be home!