Lost in Translation

This menu only looks like it is in English, it is really a cleverly designed trap to lure the hapless English-speaking traveler into a false sense of security.

I was recounting to a friend that one of the most annoying things about life in Mexico is American restaurants that have been imported and only partially translated their menu. Meaning that the descriptions are in Spanish but the title of the dish is in English… or so you think! For example at Starbucks I always try to order “Helado Shaken Lemon Tea” which is how it it is listed on the menu and in the end I have to go back to “te negro con hielo, por favor.” The worst is Chili’s. The other night when I tried to order my turkey sandwich it took several tries. I should have said it in Spanish, but I was tired. Finally the girl on the phone said oh “the Smhack-ed Toorkee.” I think my response was something along the lines of “yes, that’s fine you can smack it around a bit first, just put it on a plate.” From now on, I think I will stick with translating the English into Spanish when I order, it seems a lot simpler than having my English translated in well.. something else entirely.

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