Not even halfway through my duty week, thus far I’ve had calls about a kidnapping, car theft, possible death case, a sick American needing a medevac and done my first jail visit. In fairness the kidnapping and sick American were out of district so those got punted to Mexico City (I apologize to the Mex City duty officer who ever you are!). I thought that since I had gone 14 hours without receiving a call that maybe it would be a quiet Saturday, then the phone starting ringing at 11 (that was my car theft followed by the arrest call an hour later), so much for quiet! I suppose no one ever promised me that Foreign Service life would be quiet! I had hoped that by staring at the phone and being in this constant state of anxious ready that I would avoid major issues but since that seems blown…. I wonder what the next few days will bring me! I can definitely see how satisfying American citizen services work can be. I actually felt like I helped calm down my car theft victims and gave them good solid advice on what they can do before ACS reopens Monday. Of course in all this I am just so, so grateful for the Duty FSN who has just made everything so much easier and has been putting up with my stumbling attempts to weed my way through duty week.  71.222 hours down… 87.778 hours left. Almost halfway there.

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