White Sands

While Juarez might not be the awesomest city in the world, it is near a lot of cool stuff that I’ve been dying to see. One of those is White Sands! I had planned to go about 2 weeks ago until I saw that it was 110 degrees out… I opted to go to Mesilla that weekend instead to check out the galleries and shops. Today the high was a more reasonable 90ish. I was so excited about seeing White Sands that when I spoke with my sister today I mentioned the trip. She asked “oh, so what’s there?”

“Um…. white sand.”

Silence. Okay,  so maybe the world isn’t as enthralled by rocks and dirt as I am but I did major in Geology and I stand by my verdict. This is a seriously cool place. The trip took a little over an hour. I started off by doing a 1 mile “nature walk” through the dunes and some of the interdune area. It is amazing how quiet it is out there and how blindingly white the sand is.

There is a nice drive that takes you to the heart of the sands, where there is just basically, heaps, and heaps of white sand. That’s where everyone sleds or golfs apparently. I spotted a golf ball in one of the piles of sand. During the drive at one point I noticed some of the sand was moving, or running to be precise. I pulled off and this gentleman obligingly stood still long enough for me to get a picture! I think this might be one of those places that I have to get back to, except next time with a sled and some sunblock. I did stop and play in the sand long enough to make a sand angel, I’ll post that picture in the gallery. I’d post it here but it is a little disturbing because I didn’t want to put my head in the sand, so it is a headless angel. So it may just be “white sand” but I thought it was pretty amazing.

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  • I went to white sands years ago. I have boys so we spent the day sledding down the dunes on plastic saucers. What fun, and so much better then sledding the snow because not once did I get wet, or cold, or have snow find it’s way down the back of my neck.

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