Busy Week

I’m afraid I haven’t had much time for blogging since I started Congen. There is certainly a lot to learn. Next week I’m back in Spanish training part-time. I can already feel my ability atrophying so I signed up for the Spanish for Consular Officers class and the Spanish maintenance class. That will give me a couple of hours of “class” time and I’ll need to do some Spanish self-study too which will be tough to balance with my other class but I think it is going to be necessary. I’ve probably spoken 3 words of Spanish since the test. Right after the test I tried to talk to one of my former teachers and found it nearly impossible. I swear they took all my Spanish words during the test.

I’ve also spent a good part of the week running around prepping for the move. I received my Mexico visa which was kind of exciting and scheduled my pre-pack out survey.  Of course then I got some news which could derail my early May departure. Someone stole my air bags about 2 years ago (yes, really, that’s apparently what the kids are after these days) and now I’ve been subpoenaed to testify in the case. Ug! I’m not sure how much I can really add since I didn’t see anything. I’m hoping I am not really necessary because if I am it means missing a day of class which means I have to make it up at a later date which should push back my departure at a minimum, one week. I’m still crossing my fingers that I can finally be done with this whole air bag debacle.

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  • Okay, not sure I understand.

    Someone stole your… air bags?

    Air bags as in… inside a CAR air bags?

    And you have to testify against… the air bag thieves?

    Sorry if I’m sounding slow. That’s just – bizarre?

  • You pretty much got it! It is the most insanely bizarre situation. Someone did actually break into my car two years ago to steal my air bags. Apparently they resell them to chop shops who then reinstall them into the cars of victims of air bag theft. It’s a nice little scheme and now I get the honor of testifying against air bag thieves! I’m not quite sure how this is going to work since all I can say is “yep, someone stole my air bags, didn’t see who but they were definitely gone!”

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