Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes. I definitely am lucky since I am not in CJ yet, so as horrified and saddened as I am, I am  not there and I am sure I can’t fully imagine how rough it is there right now for the families and the Juarez consulate community. As far as I know I am still going to Juarez the first week of May. The post is on authorized departure at the moment, but I don’t have any dependants or anyone going with me so that aspect of the situation is I think a little easier for me. I received my travel orders yesterday and I am still eager to get to post. The people I have met that are still at FSI and going Juarez and those that have already gone are amazing. I have no doubt that despite the danger and the security situation that it is going to be a good two years because of the people.

I’ve spent the last few days mostly concentrating on the task at hand. My Spanish test is on Friday and then it will be on to ConGen. Other than that I’ve been keeping an eye on the news like everyone else waiting to see what they determine from the investigation.

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  • It’s Friday, and that means that the Fifth Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up – and you’re on it!

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