Getting kicked out of the nest

I fully intended to come back from Antigua and blog all about the fantastic immersion experience. I also intended to come back and ask for more time in Spanish since I felt like I was behind having lost a week to snow and since I hadn’t had an evaluation since December. In theory my last day in Spanish is March 19th and while nothing is certain until you pass the test it is starting to look like I am actually going to finish on that date.

I didn’t have my second evaluation until today but everyone except me seemed pretty certain I was going to make this March 19th date, so this week things got pretty crazy. I spent most of the week trying to figure out what I  need to do to go to post, starting to track down medical records, changing my banking to someplace more overseas friendly, working out a start date with post, and starting the paperwork I need to complete before heading out to Juarez. It was a busy week. I finally took the second evaluation and my learning consultant said I was at the 3/3 level now and that I just need to talk slower. I get that comment in English too constantly, so apparently this is a multi-language problem for me. This is all subject to me pulling it together on the day of the test and if I have a bad day I feel like I could easily wind up at a 2+/2+. Between now and then I’m certainly going to be trying my hardest.

I feel a bit like I am getting kicked out of the nest. I didn’t actually think there was any chance I was going to be finishing on time since my class hasn’t even finished the book and we won’t before I leave Spanish. Now that the intial shock of actually taking this test in a few weeks has started to wear off, I’m getting really excited about possibly starting ConGen soon and then going to post! As it stands now I’ll leave the first week of May for the big cross country drive out to Juarez. I will blog about the immersion in the not too distant future. Immersion was fantastic and probably has a lot to do with that 3/3 I got on the practice test today. Hopefully the real test goes as well!

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