I survived Snowmageddon and Snowmageddon 2.0

Because clearly one blizzard wasn’t enough….

My roommate's cat contemplates the extreme amount of snow piled up outside our door.

Final Snowpocalypse stats:

Inches of snow: 34.5
Total hours without power: 15.5
Total number of shoveling expeditions: 8
Number of cars pushed out of snow drifts: 3
Snow days: 4.5
Number of power outages: 3
Canceled Flights to Warmer Locales: 1

Big sigh on that last Snowmageddon stat. My flight to Guatemala for tomorrow morning was canceled not because of the snow in DC, but because of snow in Atlanta. I was highly amused when a newspaper article¬† describing the situation in Atlanta said that their total snow fall “is not big by Mid-Atlantic standards.” Apparently we now have street cred in the snow world after years of being mocked by the Minnesotas and Michigans of the world. Right now I’m re-booked on a Sunday flight so hopefully this one won’t fall victim to the snow gods who are clearly unhappy with us as of late.

Out of sheer boredom on Wednesday in the height of Snowmageddon 2.0, my roomate and I took a snowy walk. Our moral fibre was seriously tested when we

Poor Roscoe tries to keep warm!

found half empty bags of salt littering the street leading up to the hospital. Somehow we didn’t think we’d ever be able to work off the negative karma from nicking bags of salt… but there were a couple of seconds there where the idea was seriously tempting.

Today was back to work and trying to put together all those loose ends before the trip. I spent most of the day rushing around checking to make sure our flight wasn’t canceled (yeah, that went well), getting travel orders, filling out time cards, and going to the med unit. Apparently everyone else planned ahead and went to get vaccinations before all the snow hit. I’m not that organized. I told the nurse about my needle issue and was highly entertained when she wrote down on my WHO immunization record “vasovagal,” to serve as a warning to future immunizers “this one’s gonna keel over on ya.” Somehow I feel better knowing there is a medical sounding term for what basically equates to “big wimp.” She may have found a solution for me, she had me lay down and put me on oxygen. I’m sure I looked silly, but it staved off one of my “big wimp” attacks, so I declare win! Now if I can just get on this Sunday flight before it snows again on Monday, things will be good…

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