Still trudging along

I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the earth. The last few weeks have been really busy. Spanish has hit that point where I no longer feel my progress is making leaps and bounds. It is the point where I have learned most of the tenses and the basics of the grammar. Now I’m trying get the details under control. Just because I understand the difference between the preterite and imperfect and which words are masculine and which are feminine, doesn’t mean I can use them correctly! There seems to be a lot of me stopping mid-sentence, backing up and correcting myself. Which is necessary but frustrating. It was much more satisfying before when we’d be studying a new tense and then we’d suddenly have a whole new way to express ideas and thoughts. I also have my second test coming up which I am not to thrilled about.

In brighter and happier Spanish thoughts, in about 10 days I am going with a fabulous group of fellow Spanish sufferers to Guatemala for a 2 week immersion. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and inflicting my Spanish upon the world and to getting to someplace warmer! I also got my presidential commission, which is certificate autopenned by the president and the secretary. It’s kind of neat but the truth is it will probably wind up in a drawer with my degree and all the other bits of paper which serve to validate my existence. 😉

In theory in a little over 3 months I’ll be off to Juarez, it is amazing how quickly time goes when you’re in full-time language training.

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