El día mágico

There comes a time in the life of every Spanish learner when after weeks, months, or in some cases years of blithely sailing along on relatively tranquil seas of indicative verbs that they first hear the word that will soon crush all their delusions of speaking Spanish with some semblance of fluency. This word, the word that strikes such fear into the hearts of Spanish students, is of course “subjuntivo.” In every Spanish course I have ever taken after many moons of struggling to properly use the preterite and imperfect tenses and to tame the legions of wild irregular verbs in the preterite and present tense, someone comes along and informs me that I have speaking the language entirely wrong for months. That nearly every time I tried to express an opinion or say something was possible, speculate about the future, ect I had been massacring the language because I had never learned the subjunctive. Inevitably in my previous Spanish classes the subjunctive was covered just days before the final exam and I never truly understood it beyond the fact that there was this whole other world out there that I wasn’t able to express.

Today was that magic day where we first encountered this monster. I knew of course this time that it was out there, waiting for me… waiting for the perfect moment to strike; that moment when I just felt like I was getting a grasp on the language. This time I have roughly two months of intensive spanish study… armed only with a little more time and a fierce resolve I shall attempt to stride boldly forth and do battle with this most henious of grammatical concepts.

And on a less melodramatic note cross your fingers it looks like I am going to be able to go on an immersion! The Spanish department runs immersion programs in three different locations. I’m hoping to go to Guatemala because it is the cheaper option of the two I haven’t been to. I’m still finding out the details but if it all comes together, hopefully about a month from now I should be off to slightly warmer climes for some really intensive Spanish study!

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