Aventuras en español

Spanish continues! Though I am afraid the joys of wrangling the preterite vs. the imperfect tenses doesn’t make for fascinating blogging material. I had my week 7 progress test which went a lot better than I thought. Progress tests are like shortened versions of the full test which includes a conversation, an interview and five minutes of talking at length on a given subject. At the end of the test I was given a range on my speaking ability of 2 to 2+ and my reading was a 2+. I’ll take it! I came in with a 1/1 so I wasn’t starting from a complete 0 though I feel like I was pretty close to it. The progress tests are done by our learning consultants who are there to help us prepare for the exam, give us feedback on what we need to spend more time studying, and keep us generally on track.

My learning consultant mentioned that my vocabulary was quite good and tried very gently to tell me that my grammar was a bit lacking. I took this to mean, “you sure know a lot of words, but it would be nice if you could use them correctly.” So clearly I will be spending the bulk of my time in the next few weeks and months trying to put together sentences that make sense and where I don’t continually screw up the agreement of number and gender. The good news though is that I have the minimum score required to go on an immersion trip… so perhaps I will be heading off to some slightly warmer locale in the next few months!

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