Trudging Along

I’ve survived my first two weeks of Spanish training. It has been interesting being thrown back into a language I haven’t studied for 7 years. I’ve been simultaneously amazed at how much I remember and at how much I’ve forgotten. 

So what’s full-time language training like? We have four hours of class time a day with a much needed 2 hour break for lunch and study in between. I’ve either been using that time to go to the language lab or do the occasional lunchtime homework assignments . Next week we start the one on one sessions with our instructors; I’m one of the first up. I’m not sure I know enough Spanish to fill a full hour of just me talking so we shall see how this goes. I’m rapidly rediscovering that my weakness in Spanish is talking. Even with my limited Spanish I seem to do fine when I have the time to think about everything I’m going to say before I have to say it. I can make the gender of the adjectives and the nouns agree and I can even manage to correctly conjugate most verbs when I have the chance to write everything out first.  It’s when I have to speak extemporaneously that the word vomit seems to spew forth and I wind up having to apologize for committing linguistic crimes against humanity. Tragically I don’t think I’m going to have much time to formulate the appropriate response and question at the visa window.

Fortunately I have many, many weeks of training ahead of me. I have noticed even in just two weeks that my grammar is becoming less atrocious and I’m learning the language much more rapidly than I did in school. I suppose this is the result of spending  10ish hours a day studying between class and homework. Nevertheless, I think before Monday’s individual session I should brush up on key phrases like “I’m so sorry for murdering your beautiful language….”

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