Friday was our “formal” swearing-in ceremony and the end of A-100. We were sworn in about a half an hour after we arrived at main State for in-processing on day one (it was necessary to get paid). However, the State Department is big on ceremonies so we did it again! This time family and friends were invited and we had one of the Under Secretaries (some one very, very high up in the department) swear us in. It was especially nice to be sworn in by a career diplomat. Nothing against the appointees, they are brilliant and hard-working individuals, but as a career member of the Foreign Service it is inspiring to see just how far one can go.

They promised us that the ceremony would be short and sweet and they certainly delivered. It was about 30 minutes from start to finish including a short speech by our swearer-iner. The highlight for me was the presentation of the 148th where they had us all stand and announced where each member of the class is going. We’re going to be scattering to over 70ish different countries located on 6 different continents in the next year and Friday’s ceremony was almost certainly the last time the 148th would all be in one place.

Monday I start my security overseas seminar and a few short courses to help fill the days before my language training starts in November. A week from Monday the 149th starts and we’ll no longer be the most junior people in the State Department. The last 5 weeks went incredibly fast. I’ll miss seeing the 148th every day but I’m eager for the next step and of course to depart for post in a little under 7 months!

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