Lisa vs. The 6am Wake-up Call

Shockingly, I’ve almost made it through a full week of early morning wake up calls and managed to arrive early (knock on wood). People who know me well will realize this is a herculean achievement for me.  I’m actually starting to enjoy waking up with the birds. The week has been flying by and I’ve been enjoying getting to know my colleagues. They are all amazing people which is a good thing because they have wedged far too many of us in a room I think could comfortably seat 60. So we’re we’re about a quarter of an inch from our nearest neighbors.

We got our bid lists yesterday which is starting to make this whole thing feel a little more real. I’m really happy with the list, if I could have crafted a dream bid list this would almost exactly be it. There isn’t anything on the list I am going to be heartbroken if I get and there are a few posts I am going to bid high that I never thought I would. I have until Wednesday to work up my draft bid list to discuss with my CDO. After my meeting on Thursday then I will reconfigure and resubmit a final list. Flag day, the day we are given a flag representing our assigned country, is only three weeks away from tomorrow. So, soon I will know my fate so to speak. Anyway, off to bed so I’m ready for another 6am morning! I swear there are witnesses to the fact that I arrive on time.

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