Avoiding Mortal Peril

Several members of my A-100 group have been joking on our group message board that now that the “dream” is about to be a reality, that they are terrified some tragedy might befall them. My pre-A-100 worries have mostly centered on silly, mundane things like getting lost trying to find FSI and oversleeping. Perhaps, the universe is trying to tell me I need to fear the random piano dropping out of the sky and turning me into a pancake rather that sleeping through the morning alarm. 

Early Saturday morning I woke up to the sounds of incredible banging. I currently share a house with two lovely and normally very quiet Black Rat Snakeladies so in my early morning fog, I was terribly confused as to why it sounded as though my roommate had decided to take up the drums. Being the ultimate “Not-A-Morning” person, I tried to roll over and go back to sleep. Apparently the quickest way to get me to wake up and bolt out of bed is to shout “Hey Lisa, do you know how to kill a snake? I hacked its head off but it’s still moving.” Yes, some how in the wilds of suburban Maryland a snake decided to crawl into our house and explore my roommate’s room. Her cat thought this was a great play toy apparently. I have to say I am very impressed by how hardcore my roommate is. If it had been my room, I would ceded it to the snake and taken up residence in a tent in the backyard. The headless snake finally died and my grand contribution to this adventure was the use of my fire tongs for removal of the body. We think it was a black rat snake not a copperhead, so it wasn’t poisonous. True, this was a far cry from a near brush with death given that the snake was upstairs and pretty harmless. Honestly, I think my roommate and her  Ikea steak knife are probably more dangerous than the threat of snake invasion.

I figured I would  follow this little morning delight up with a bagel. Sounds harmless right? Except when I was driving out of the shopping center a girl pulling in went through the stop and careened right into my car. She hit me right on the driver’s side door so if we had been going any faster than the 5 miles an hour we were both doing I would have at least had a nice sizeable dent in my car. As it was I just have a small white paint streak near the wheel. It’s hardly noticeable and a friend hit my car while it was parked a few years ago, so my take on it is that the ship has already sailed on having a nice pristine car.

So thus far I’m happy to report no calamitous accidents… just gentle reminders from the universe perhaps I need be wary of avoiding pre-A100 peril.

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