My mailed appointment package arrived yesterday. Seeing all the official forms is starting to make it feel real. Only a little over a month now until my class starts! Included in the appointment packet was all the standard benefits forms and hiring paperwork. I was somewhat amused by the brochure for Lurray Caverns thrown into the mix. It is nice that they thought to include some tourist suggestions for the out of towners. I was also relieved that they included the schedule for the shuttle that runs to FSI. Finding out when the shuttle leaves was something I was I actually worried about (yes, I do worry about the oddest things). Since I live near a metro I have no intention of battling DC morning traffic to get out to FSI every morning. I’d rather take a 40 minute metro ride than spend hours in my snarled in traffic. DC traffic was actually a big reason why I left my first “real” job out of college.

There were a few forms in the packet that I had to fax back immediately. Among those were the form which required me to declare my home leave address and my separation address. Between overseas tours congress has mandated that FSOs have to spend a certain amount of time in U.S. We need to get “re-americanized.” I had to choose an address where I wanted to spend this time, or at least part of it anyway. I settled on our family’s summer home in update New York. Mostly because I don’t own a home and my father is planning on selling his home soon. My father also lives in the DC area and given that FSI and Main State are in DC, I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be spending quite a bit of time around here anyway.

The rest of the packet was mostly benefits information and there certainly is a lot to go over from choosing a health plan to TSP contributions. Fortunately I have my own personal federal HR guru at my disposal. I doubt I will be blogging again until I actually start class, since the ins and outs of wrangling hiring paperwork doesn’t exactly make for riveting reading!

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