Monthly Archive for August, 2009


My mailed appointment package arrived yesterday. Seeing all the official forms is starting to make it feel real. Only a little over a month now until my class starts! Included in the appointment packet was all the standard benefits forms and hiring paperwork. I was somewhat amused by the brochure for Lurray Caverns thrown into the mix. It is nice that they thought to include some tourist suggestions for the out of towners. I was also relieved that they included the schedule for the shuttle that runs to FSI. Finding out when the shuttle leaves was something I was I actually worried about (yes, I do worry about the oddest things). Since I live near a metro I have no intention of battling DC morning traffic to get out to FSI every morning. I’d rather take a 40 minute metro ride than spend hours in my snarled in traffic. DC traffic was actually a big reason why I left my first “real” job out of college. Continue reading ‘Paperwork’