Counting down the days

Since the offer letters started going out, the 146th A-100 class welcoming committee put together an online group so the incoming 148th can ask questions. If it’s possible, I think I am even more excited to join the Foreign Service!

Of course the first thing everyone asks when they hear I am going into the Foreign Service is “where are they sending you?” Until class actually starts and I see the bid list I have no real idea, but I with what little information I have I can make a extremely uneducated and ill-informed guess. In my offer letter it was noted that due to the hiring surge not everyone in my class will be posted overseas for their first tour. Talking to the previous class online, it sounds like there is a decent number of people who will be in DC for their first tour. It will all depend on the bid list of course when I get it, but I’d be surprisingly okay with a DC posting. There are certain benefits professional, personal, and okay, financial to staying in DC. The DC tours are only a year and then are followed by an overseas posting. I also do see the logic in the idea that it might be easier for me as local hire to stay since I am already established in the DC area. Since my family is planning to attend the formal swearing-in ceremony we decided we would go to a restaurant with a cuisine appropriate to my first posting afterwards. My father’s first comment when I mentioned the possibility that I might stay in DC was “so I suppose we would have to find a restaurant with American cuisine, maybe burgers?” My sister and I are both confirmed foodies and I think now we can say we have successfully accomplished indoctrinating our father in to foodiedom. I’m quite pleased that his first thoughts were concern about where we would eat our celebratory meal.

Of course this is all just idle thoughts and speculation until I actually see the list and start class. I will also of course have a lengthy discussion with Belize to ascertain her preferences for our first tour. Okay, not really, I’m not that much of a crazy cat lady. I’m not sure you can even qualify as a crazy cat lady if you only have one cat.

Until September 14thish when I get the bid list, I suppose I shall have to fill my days counting down the minutes ’till A-100 and helping to find my replacement at my current job!

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