Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Counting down the days

Since the offer letters started going out, the 146th A-100 class welcoming committee put together an online group so the incoming 148th can ask questions. If it’s possible, I think I am even more excited to join the Foreign Service! Continue reading ‘Counting down the days’

Officially Official

After waiting the last few days on pins and needles, I got my official offer letter today for the September A-100 class. Although I was told deferring a class would not be a problem, it didn’t quite feel like a done deal until I got the letter. I was getting a little anxious since my current employer has just begun accepting resumes for my position. I was a bit nervous  about not having the offer in my hands so  I accepted about 2 minutes after I received it and was thanked for my “quick response.”  I may have been a little over-eager to accept… 😉

I had to follow up accepting the offer with dropping out of my graduate program. Considering all the time I spent applying and hoping to get in, I never thought I would be so happy to leave. It’s for a good reason though! I’m lucky though the hiring surge has resulted candidates getting offers almost immediately after clearing final suitability. I was supposed to start the grad program next month; it would have been more difficult to drop after I had begun the program. Since I hadn’t started, it wasn’t much of an agonizing decision to make.  Now I’m off to New York to visit my sister and some friends and of course, to celebrate!

Hello World! (The obligatory first post)

I suppose summing up the road thus far is as good a way to begin as any. A little over a year I took the Foreign Service Officer’s Test. Those that know me, know this wasn’t my first attempt at wrangling the dreaded FSOT. I first took the exam in 2003, 2 months before I graduated college. Being a college senior I was completely full of myself and convinced I had at least the written exam in the bag. I of course failed the essay (the part I didn’t study for), which was probably a much-needed blow to my ego.  It’s good to get knocked down a peg or two periodically, builds character. In 2005 my ego had recovered enough to give it another go. Apparently I needed more  character though because this time I failed the multi-guess, serves me right for not studying a lick. Continue reading ‘Hello World! (The obligatory first post)’